Otorhinolaryngology is a surgical discipline that deals with the medical and surgical treatment of diseases of the ear, nose, pharynx, larynx and other related structures of the head and neck, including surgical treatment of the thyroid and parathyroid, tonsils and the parotid gland.

The service includes:
• Audiometric examination
• impedance test
• Vestibular examination and tests
• Cocleovestibular examination
• Rheological, pharyngeal, laryngeal videofibroscopy
• Study of the external/middle/internal ear
• Facial nerve study
• Study of the nose and paranasal sinuses
• Diagnosis and treatment of the pathology of snoring
• Disorders of voice, speech, language
• Study of dysphagia and problems with swallowing
• ENT diagnostic oto-ophthalmo recovery

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