It is a check-up aimed at the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases (hypertension, heart attack, stroke). It guarantees a preventive screening of the functions of the cardiovascular system, allowing a very precise evaluation of the anatomy of the heart, of the aorta and of the carotid vessels that bring blood to the brain and determining with considerable certainty the health status of the individual in a way such that, if anomalies are detected, the address to be taken to prevent an evolution is identified.

• Specialized cardiological examination and electrocardiogram;
• Doppler color echocardiogram;
• Dynamic ECG sec. Holter (24 hours) or h24 monitoring of blood pressure at the discretion of the cardiologist doctor;
• Exercise electrocardiogram (exercise bike or treadmill), with continuous monitoring of cardiac activity and of blood pressure (so-called ergometric test) *.

* If the Ergometric Test is contraindicated for the Patient, the pharmacological Ecostress or Coronary CT examination will be performed, subject to the judgment of the cardiologist.

• Pharmacological ecostress
• Color Doppler echocardiogram
• Arterial and venous color Doppler echo
• Coronary TC
• Cardio RM