Senology is the branch of medicine that studies breast cancer.
Breast examination is recommended for breast abnormalities such as: alteration of the skin and nipple, nipple secretion, breast pain, appearance of thickening or nodules in the mammary gland, or as a result of a mammary screening (mammography, ultrasound ) that shows different alterations without symptoms and not palpable that must be further evaluated.
The first visit is recommended around 28/30 years and must be performed once a year. After turning 40 years, the periodic execution of the mammogram and ultrasound are recommended for successful early diagnosis.

Dedicated diagnostic services:

• Mammography and mammary Tomosynthesis
• Breast ultrasound and Mammary Eco Doppler
• Magnetic resonance of the breast
• Guided mammary biopsy: ultrasound – stereotactic – MRI
• Cito-Histopathology service dedicated
• Senological diagnostic day-service

Responsible: Dott.ssa Virzì Valentina

Breast Unit