The “Regina Pacis” clinic was founded in 1933, it is affiliated with the Italian National Health System and it provides diagnostic services and treatment services with a system of recovery and outpatient. It has 45 beds that are distributed between the Surgery departments (within the integrated Breast Unit) and the Rehabilitative Specialties. The structure owns the department of Radiology, the Oncological Genetics Center and two laboratories: Cito-Histopathology lab and Analysis lab.
The clinic is a modern building in which high assistance levels are reached through modern technology and advanced treatments. It allows the citizens to experience its medical staff that puts the human relationship between patients and operator at the center of its activity, in order to guarantee the efficiency of the provided services.
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The Rehabilitation Department of Cardiology, Respiratory, Neuro-motor and Motor rehab is equipped with clinics and a gym. Rehabilitation takes place through the commitment of the patient by a multidisciplinary team (medical specialists, physiotherapists, nutritionists, speech therapists, psychologists) who arranges the rehabilitation program and the its duration.

The “Regina Pacis” clinic is strongly involved in the social dynamics characterizing the period of socio-economic crisis in which the Stat immigrants, through solidarity free services.

In order to make the Mission and the Quality Policy concrete, a corporate improvement plan is implemented every three years to improve: the health services, the safety of patients and employees, the optimization of room comfort. The objectives contained in the plan are aligned with the legislation and national and regional directives. The effective application of the quality system is guaranteed by the certification issued by the “AJA Registrars Europe”.

With regard to Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems the “Regina Pacis” clinic relies on the BS OHSAS 18007: 2008 certification attesting the adequate security control.

The building is located at the center of Sicily, in the city of San Cataldo (Caltanissetta). Thanks to its strategic geographical location, the “Regina Pacis” clinic covers and offers health assistance mainly to the whole territory of the province of Caltanissetta, but also of the neighboring provinces of Enna and Agrigento.


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