Urology is a specialized medical and surgical branch that deals with the pathologies of the genitourinary system ( kidneys, ureters, bladder, prostate and external male genital organs).
The “Regina Pacis” Urology clinic includes diagnosis, therapy and medical control of urinary tract diseases such as: benign diseases of the prostate, prostate cancer, urolithiasis, dysfunction and malformations of the urinary tract, infections.

Dedicated Services:
1. Specialist visits
2. Uro-gynaecology Outpatient and Urodynamic Trials (for Patients requiring evaluation for prolapse, urinary disorders, incontinence).
3. Ultrasound Services of Kidney / Urinary Tract / Prostate / Testis and Oncology ultrasound: trans-abdominal, trans-vaginal and trans-rectal ultrasound
4. Diagnostic urethro-cystoscopy
5. Urological diagnostic hospitalisation.