The “Regina Pacis” Clinic has implemented many Agreements with Insurance Institutes that allow anyone to
access medical services of outpatient and recovery (ordinary and/or day hospital).
The agreements usually allows the Patients to request outpatient services either through Direct Convention
(in this case the insurance company provides for the payment directly), or Indirect Convention (in this case
the insured provides for the payment by himself and can ask for reimbursement of sums to the insurance
The “Regina Pacis” Clinic has initiated agreements Conventions with the following Insurance Institutes:
• Casagit
• Cesare Pozzo
• Fasi
• Fondo Salute
• Galeno
• Harmonia & Salute
• Mapfre Warranty
• Med 24
• Previmedical
• Rbm
• Unisalute
• Aon Hewitt
The insurance agreements are continuously updated.

A Health Insurance is insurance that covers the whole or a part of the risk of a person incurring medical
expenses. It offsets the health assistance provided by the Italian Health System.
In Italy there are some health services payed by the National Health System, there are others that must be
paid by the Patient. This is an area, moreover, that has seen problems such us long waiting times and a lot
of other costs like medicines. In exchange for the payment of a fee (i.e. insurance premium) the Health
Insurance policies guarantee the coverage of the costs of healthcare, medicines, treatments, etc.
In some Countries where health care is not provided, such us the United States, Health Insurance is obviously
widespread as it is the only way to treat themselves without paying for a particular benefit.
The health policy can be:
• Daily allowance  it allows to supplement the income during the recovery due to the inability to work.
This policy guarantees a sum of money for each day of recovery.
• Full coverage  it includes, which provides universal coverage, including the full funding of public doctors
and prescription drugs (reimbursement for all costs)
• For surgical interventions  it guarantees reimbursement in case of surgery and hospitalizations.
What does Health Insurance cover?
 It covers various health-related expenses, in particular:
 The costs of hospitalization, recovery, treatments and rehabilitation;
 Purchases of drugs during hospitalization;
 Diagnostic checks related to a disease or accident;
 Surgical medical services;
 Medical checks and laboratory tests;
 Dental care but only as a result of serious illness and injury;
 Cosmetic or plastic surgery due to serious illnesses or accidents
 Legal protection;
 Physiotherapy;
 Medical aids and prostheses;
 Nursing services.
 Transplants, transport costs;
 Day hospital;
 Neonatal care;
 Vaccinations;
 Periodic check ups.
Ask your insurer for others!
How to find the right Health Policy?
Pay attention to the clauses: some companies still have age limits within which to stipulate the policy. It
would be better to take out an insurance policy that provide the whole life formula, until the death of the
There are also companies that include arbitration clauses such us termination on grounds of increase of the
risk insured. In this case the insured must immediately inform the insurance company of any factors that may
change their health risk and the company can withdraw within one month. This clause is obviously to be
Who can not take out a health policy?
Drug addicts, HIV patients, alcoholics, insulin-dependent
Why choose an integrative health insurance?

1. Health insurance gives you a sense of security in case the unexpected happens. With Private Health
Insurance there’s no worrying about how much the bill is: you’re covered;
2. there’s no worrying about a Public waiting list: you can receive your treatment quicker.
3. Private Health Insurance gives you the option of a private room and having the comfort of knowing
you can rest when you need to as well as your visitors can see you in privacy.
4. Private Health Insurance ‘General Treatment’ policies cover you for services that are rarely covered
by Medicare like dental, optical, physio, chiro, podiatry, pharmaceuticals and many other services;
you don’t have to be sick to use it!

Important problems of macroeconomics affect the future of health care in Italy. Health spending is the
largest expense of the state budget, this means that there will be an increase in costs and a reduction in the
services offered to citizens. For these reasons, taking out insurance to receive supplemental health care can
be more important of what you think.