The “Regina Pacis” Oncological Genetics Center is unique of its kind in the center of Sicily. It is responsible for identifying the genetic factors involved in the predisposition to cancer by undertaking prevention paths for people at risk.
All those who have hereditary predisposition to develop suspected neoplasms can undergo the tests.
The path of genetic counseling involves an interview during which the family and personal history is reconstructed through the family tree to identify any genetic risk of breast cancer, ovary cancer, but also stomach, colon and other organs.
In the case of a positive result, the assessment of the family risk is performed with the research for a genetic alteration and a dedicated preventive diagnostic procedure.

a) When is genetic counseling useful?
Genetic counseling is useful for people with a hereditary disease in order to take the best diagnostic-therapeutic pathway.
Healthy people with family history of hereditary cancer may use genetic counseling to know the risk that the disease will reoccur in the family and to implement the right prevention measures.

b) What are tumors and are them inherited diseases?
Tumors are diseases that are formed over time due to cellular changes. These cell mutations are conditioned by the action of both genetic and environmental factors (habits, diet, pollution, etc.).
It is however necessary to underline that if a person inherits a gene predisposing to the onset of the tumor, the disease can develop only if over time there will be other alterations. Thus, the tumor is never inherited but eventually a predisposition to the tumor can be inherited.

c) Is it important to identify those at increased genetic risk?
If a family with a genetic risk situation is identified, prevention measures can also be implemented in other people, also young.
In some cases it is also possible to recognize those who are not genetically predisposed.

d) How is the service organized?
The “Regina Pacis” clinic, thanks to its own oncological and gynecological experience (Breast Unit since 2013 in the international “BreastCenterNetwork” circuit), has started a Genetic Counseling project dedicated to the study of genomic alterations responsible the onset of the malignant mammary and ovarian tumor. Starting from December 2016, it can be possible to evaluate the probability of having a hereditary predisposition. The activity involves the geneticist, the radiologist, the breast surgeon, the gynecologist, the psycho-oncologist.
The Center of Oncological Genetics of the “Regina Pacis” clinic welcomes both those who suspect to have a hereditary risk of developing tumors, and people without family history of tumors who want to know themselves better.